Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia day to all the Aussies! I've never celebrated before, but Make It Crafty has a fun game. We had an Australian exchange colleague for a while. He shared Vegi-mite (sp?) with us and we shared Twinkies. He wasn't that impressed with the Twinkies :)

So the game is to take Australian phrases and provide a "translation." Here's the list with my interpretation.

  1. You little Ripper - a small boy, see also tad (my aunt won a Scrabble game with tad, and it bothers me to this day!)
  2. Well I’ll be buggered! - Golly gee!
  3. Crikey - Gosh darn!
  4. Fair dinkum - a nice doughnut dipped in coffee
  5. On a good wicket - getting off on the right foot
  6. Make a proper galah of yourself - being caught with your pants down
  7. She’ll be apples - a sweet girl having red cheaks
  8. Ridgie Didge - a small gully in your yard, usually at the side of the road
  9. Buggerlugs - a boy with large ears
  10. Give it a burl - give it a try
  11. Bob’s yer uncle - nope, have a Jim though
  12. Go like the clappers - turning on and off (you know, clap on {clap, clap}, clap off {clap, clap})
  13. Ningnong - a tasty buttery snack cake covered in chocolate
  14. Good Onya! - atta boy
  15. Rough end of the stick - not a good place to sit!

That was fun! Hop over and give it a try.

Happy Crafting!



Trexxann said...

This is grouse Jennifer - you have some real humdinger definitions there! I'm off to hit the frog and toad now!! Ooroo! :)

Hestia's Helper said...

Oh my goodness... i think i landed on a new planet!
i didn't understand ANY of this! (-:
(hee-hee) LOL!

Zoe said...

Jennifer these are great definitions and you nearly hit a few on the head! I LOVE scrabble and I would be bummed if I lost to TAD too! Oh and Vegemite - you were close! Thanks for playing along and having a few laughs! hugs xxoo