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Using Templates in iScrapbook 1: Adding Papers

Hi all!  I use iScrapbook on my Mac to create my digital scrapbooking layouts.  At Brownie Scraps, there are a series of challenges - Level 1 and Level 2 - for learning digital scrapbooking.  I'm going to create a series of tutorials using iScrapbook for the Level 1 and Level 2 challenges.  I hope they're helpful.

For all of these tutorials, I'm using The Little Things by Bella Gypsy and 3 Photo Vol 1 by Memory Clips.  You'll want the .png files for the template.

Challenge 2 is Using a Template. (Challenge 1 is about unzipping files, which isn't specific to a scrapbook program).  For this challenge, we need to add four layers of papers based on the template.

Step 1. Create a new page in your album.  Load your kit of choice into your favorites if it's not already there.

Step 2.  Most templates start with a background paper.  Add your background paper to your layout by double clicking on it.

Step 3.  Make the paper your background paper by clicking on the paper and selecting Format >> Background >> Use Selected Image >> Scale to Fit >> OK.

Step 4a. Add the first layer of the template that's not the background paper by pressing Shift++V or Insert >> Choose Image.  The template that I'm using has a cutout.  I'm going to ignore that for now.  When you add the template image, it's often not the 12"x12" of your page.  

Step 4b. Align the top left corner of the template with the top left corner of the page.  

Step 4c. Drag the lower right corner of the template to meet the lower right corner of the page.

Step 5. For large square-ish template parts, add the paper you want to use by double clicking it in your favorites.  Resize it to the size of the template.  I have let the paper go off the left side of the layout since the template piece isn't quite square.  {Normally, I would add a shadow here as well.  We'll cover that in the next tutorial}.  Delete the template layer by clicking on it and pressing delete.

Step 6.  For smaller square pieces, you have 2 options - creating a shape and filling it or cropping the paper.  I'm doing to demonstrate cropping the paper in this step.  I'll show you creating a shape in the next step on a non-square paper.

Step 6a. Add the template piece as described in Step 4.

Step 6b.  Add your paper by double clicking on it in your favorites.

Step 6c. Click crop and adjust the crop area to align with the template piece.  Click OK.  Delete the template layer by selecting it and pressing delete.

Step 7a.  To add a non-square piece of paper, you need to add a shape, turn it into an image and then put the paper on the image.  Add the template layer to your layout as described in Step 4.

Step 7b.  Change to the graphics menu.  Select shapes.  Add a circle shape to the layout by double clicking the circle.  Resize it to the circle on the template.

Step 7c. Turn the circle into an image.  Select the circle by clicking on it.  Expand the menu by clicking on the down arrow.  Select image.

Step 7d. Click the box "Define as Placeholder."

Step 7e. Click OK.

Step 7f.  Remove the dashed circle from the outside of the image.  Select Color from the drop down menu.

Step 7g. Change the Stroke to "None."

Step 7h.  Switch back to the Favorites menu.  Click on the paper you want to use and drag it over the image.  When you let go, the paper should be the shape of the image.  You'll want to use Zoom to make the paper just a little bigger or you'll have flat sides on your circle.  Click OK.

Step 8.  Add the remaining papers using Step 6 or 7.  You can use any of the shapes in Graphics >> Shapes as an image placeholder.  For shapes that aren't in the Shapes menu, like scalloped borders and brackets, I usually try to find an element that will work for the template.

Here's my layout so far:

I'll be back with more tutorials for the Level 1 and Level 2 challenges at Brownie Scraps.

Happy Scrapping!
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