Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Post for Crafter's Companion

Hello all!  Today is my last post for the Crafter's Companion blog.  I've had a great time making projects for Crafter's Companion.  I made this simple card with the Popcorn the Bear Smile Set to celebrate my time there.  Don't you just love those balloons?  I really want to talk about something else today, though - storage!

I'm always trying to find better ways to store my stamps.  When I just had a few, a drawer worked fine. Then I had enough that digging through the drawer didn't work anymore, and I moved some into binders with photo pages to hold the stamps.  I liked this, except that the stamps would fall out of the open tops of the photo pages.  I took advantage of May's Customer Appreciation sale to try out the EZMount Clear Enclosed Mini-Binder and Mini-Binder Storage Panels.  I am in love!

You can store any stamps that have EZ mount or any clear acyrlic stamps in these.  Here's one of mine with Humphrey Stamps:

I just taped the packaging on the front of the page and put the stamps on the back:

Crafter's Companion even sells some stamps all ready for the case, like the Popcorn the bear stamps:

Now, I thought I'd let you into my craft room.  No comments on the mess!  Here is my storage closet.  Hubby put shelves in for me.  You can see my new cases on the bottom shelf.  I can't wait until I have enough cases for all my stamps.

I thought I'd share one more storage trick before I sign off.  I use these storage boxes from tool section at the local big box store to keep my small crafty items like flowers, rhinestones, and buttons.

Happy Crafting!

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Bhawana said...

I would miss your posts in CC. Very informative. You were also very lucky for me as I won on ur blog during CC celebration. All The Very Best and warm wishes

Boxofcolours said...

Storage boxes are a crafters best friend Jen, that is until you want to find something and cannot remember which darned box you put it in (even when labelled) LOL
Adorable Popcorn bear by the way.


Rhonda Miller said...

What a cute card Jen.

Thanks for sharing your storage ideas. I'm thinking of getting some of the CD/DVD cases for my stamps.