Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Knitted Little Chicken

After working on my previous two projects, I wanted to try smaller.  I bought some smaller needles and then realized that I didn't have smaller yarn.  Turns out "big" yarn doesn't work with smaller needles.  So I followed the small pattern using "big" yarn and needles.  This little guy is still super cute!

Loops and Threads Impeccable Solids Soft Taupe
Loops and Threads Impeccable Solids Butterscotch
Boye Size 6 Double Ended Aluminum Needles
Teeny-Tiny MochiMochi by Anna Hrachovec
Happy Crafting!
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Nance E Salkeld said...

Jen, he is adorable! Love it! I can't "knit one/pearl one" to save my life! LOL You are so talented! Hugs! Nance